Your Dollars Make a Difference

Help us close the funding gap between what our students need and what we receive from state and federal funding. Your dollars make a difference at Algiers Charter School Association! For more information about Algiers Charter or to discuss donor opportunities, please contact Tammi Major,
Executive Director of External Communications, at (504) 302-7021 or by clicking the button below. You can also mail donations to: Algiers Charter School Association, Attn: Tammi Major, 3520 General DeGaulle Dr., Ste. 2001, New Orleans, LA 70114.

Partnering with Algiers Charter Schools

Partnering with Algiers Charter provides organizations and individuals with rare opportunity to have an outsized and lasting impact on the students and community of Algiers, New Orleans. Algiers Charter is one of the few geo-centric charter management organizations nationwide and the only one in Orleans Parish. As a result, approximately half of the students in Algiers who attend public school, attend school at an Algiers Charter campus and the overwhelming majority of Algiers students who are in the high risk categories listed above attend an Algiers Charter school.

Algiers Charter needs individuals and organizations that can bring expertise, mentorship and opportunities to our students’ lives. To learn more about partnerships with Algiers Charter, contact Tammi Major, Executive Director of External Communications.