The Algiers Charter School Association’s Instructional Framework is grounded in our core belief that children are our first priority and we will always act in the best interest of our children. Moreover, we believe all children can learn and grow when quality instruction is provided. We support our students with numerous opportunities to practice, think, and discuss new learning gained from complex text. A teacher’s knowledge of and relationship with each student is the foundation for student growth.


Teachers plan rigorous standard-aligned lessons based on goals and learning targets developed with and owned by students and teachers.


Teachers create student opportunities to apply strategies and engage in academic dialogue with peers and adults.


Formative assessment strategies (exit tickets, checks for understanding weekly tests, unit tests, etc.) are designed and used to inform, differentiate instruction, and determine the degree of standards mastery.


Teachers and students reflect upon the learning process in order to pinpoint possible causes of successes or struggles.


Students receive targeted individualized and/or small group instruction. Teachers utilize this process to incorporate supplementary strategies, extra resources, guided practice, and may even include documented response to interventions (RtI).


The retest process validates the level to which students have mastered the standards.