The ACSA Health Services Department


All ACSA schools have a highly skilled, registered nurse on staff. The school nurses address daily health issues, provide routine and emergency care, assist in managing chronic health conditions, administer medication, conduct health screenings, and provide up-to-date health education. 


Our comprehensive school health program focuses on improving student learning by:

  • Promoting a healthy and safe school environment;
  • Identifying and assisting students and staff  to reduce health related barriers to learning and working;
  • Providing acute, chronic and preventative health services;
  • Communicating nursing observations, assessments, appropriate referrals, and illness prevention strategies with students, parents, staff, administration, and community;
  • Maintaining a superior level of professional nursing competency.

ACSA Nursing Staff

Please contact your school nurse or the Nursing Supervisor if your student has a health concern. We will be more than happy to assist.

Nursing Supervisor

Daphne Walker 504-302-7058


Daphne Walker 504-302-7058


Rosalind Brown 504-302-7096


Angela Damico 504-302-7103


Benita Dussett  504-302-7003

McDonogh# 32

Shannon Entrekin 504-302-7151


Dionne Logan 504-302-7176

Important Forms


The Louisiana State law, R.S. 17:170 requires students to provide satisfactory proof of immunizations & age-appropriate booster shots upon registration, prior to school entry.

Medications in School

The Louisiana R.S. 17:436.1, Act 87 of 1993 governs the Administration of Medicines in the School Setting.  Guidelines under this law require any student requiring medication, prescription or over-the-counter, during school and school-related activities to adhere to certain rules specified in the documents below:

Management of Severe Allergies in Schools

A new policy for Management of Severe Allergies in Schools has been implemented by ACSA in compliance with SENATE BILL NO. 119, Section 1. R.S. 17:436.1(K), LA Act 624. Parents are encouraged to notify the School Nurse of their child’s known allergies and to indicate this annually on the Health Information form.

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