Start Your Career

Algiers Charter is committed to attracting, hiring, and retaining educators focused on creating a classroom and school culture that supports rigorous student learning and personal growth. Join us at Algiers Charter to become part of a community of diverse educators and students, focused on achievement for the future.

Purposeful Professional Development

At Algiers Charter we are committed to maximizing professional development time. Our school calendar builds in structured time for consistent and purposeful professional development.

    • New Teacher Induction Program: New Teachers receive tailored support early and often during their first year in the classroom.
    • Professional Learning Series: Monthly full-day professional development provided for all staff members.
    • Summer Professional Development: Teachers return two weeks before school opens to engage in association wide and school wide professional learning.

Teaching at Algiers Charter

Algiers Charter’s approach to teaching and learning embraces a continuous improvement cycle that focuses on instructional practices through planning, doing, reflecting, and revising. Our 4 Essential Questions are posted in every classroom and frame our instructional coaching process.


Skills and Characteristics

Great Algiers Charter educators are equipped with these tools:
• Committed to improving lives in underserved communities. • Belief in the Algiers Charter mission.
• Skilled at building relationships and investing others. • Demonstrate a Growth Mindset.
• Focused on results and data-driven decisions. • Willingness to receive feedback.
• Desire to grow professionally. • Collaborative and innovative.
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