The mission of Algiers Charter School Association is to deliver and to support education excellence in Algiers. Founded in 2005 by a nonprofit board comprised of members from the Orleans Parish School Board and neighborhood representatives, Algiers Charter School Association was and is a community-based solution which provided the first educational options for families returning to Algiers and the wider New Orleans community following Hurricane Katrina. Today, Algiers Charter serves over 4,500 Pre-K through 12th grade students on six campuses. At Algiers Charter we believe that Great Experiences should be the reality for every aspect of interface with the organization and, most importantly, that this should be an important goal for every single day of a student’s learning experience.


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Algiers Charter School Association is committed to attracting, hiring, and retaining educators focused on creating a classroom and school culture that supports rigorous student learning and personal growth. Join us at ACSA to become part of a community of diverse educators and students, focused on achievement for the future.

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Partnering with Algiers Charter provides organizations and individuals with rare opportunity to have an outsized and lasting impact on the students and community of Algiers, New Orleans. Algiers Charter is one of the few geo-centric charter management organizations nationwide and the only one in Orleans Parish. As a result, approximately half of the students in Algiers who attend public school, attend school at an Algiers Charter campus and the overwhelming majority of Algiers students who are in the high risk categories listed above attend an Algiers Charter school.  

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